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Last week, I was in Geneva with Norman Deschauwer to give two conferences in the XpDays.

About our sessions

It was the first time we were giving these sessions with Norman, and I'm quite happy of this experience as we received many questions during the sessions and lots of good comments after the sessions ! You were almost 100 assisting to the conferences: more or less 35 for the first one, and more than 60 for the second one. 

If you have any other comments about

  • the way we did the presentation
  • the content itself
  • missing information or redundant information
  • any other subject

please do not hesitate to leave a comment to this post, and Norman and I will be happy to complete our explanations here and to take these remarks into account for our next conference !

In the meantime, you can download our slides here :

All the slides (including the ones of the other sessions) are available on the xp day website.

About the speakers

I have been able to meet nice other speakers during this event and many of them have already blogged about it. You will find below the list of all speakers and some information about them (either LinkedIn contact or their blog). Whenever possible, I will include a link to their post speaking about the event.

Speaker NameBlog and posts about the session
Portia Tung Her Blog - Her post
Pascal Van Cauwenberghe His Blog - His post
Didier Besset  
Isabelle Therrien  
Frédéric Schäffer His company blog
Dominic Williams His WebSite
Nicolas Charpentier His Blog - His post
Jérôme Layat  
Eric Mignot His Blog
Gabriel Le Van  
Philippe Kernévez His WebSite

About the event

It was the first edition of the Xp Days in Switzerland but the Agile Swiss team did a very good work ! Apart of too little space in front of the rooms to be able to speak confortably during the "inter-sessions", nothing to say about the organization. Just a warm applause to all of the organizers !

Really waiting to see the next edition and hoping we will be able to present again a session there ! They were speaking (joking) to organize the next edition in the Château of Gruyère. Well not so probable, but would be very interesting ! :-)

Just a few photos to conclude the post (not mines) and I hope I will see these guys and girls in the next edition or at the next CITCON !

On stage during our firts session
"Return of Experience: XP with industrial dimensions"
Back on Stage : 1mn introduction to our second session :
"Using together Waterfall and XP tools"
After the effort : a very good Swiss restaurant with some of the conferencers The "Agile Swiss" team (part of it) in debriefing during the day
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