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Recently, one of my colleague wanted to call an auto-implemented property setter in a class' constructor.
I do not think this is a good idea as we don't know how the class may evolve in the future.
In this post, I will show some of possible evolutions that make me think that we should not use auto-implemented properties in a class' constructor, but rather use a classical property and thus the member variable. [Plus]
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mai 10
I recently wrote a post describing the use of control adapters to adapt the rendering of a control
However there are special things to know where we use control adapters with validators (ie controls deriving - directly or not - from BaseValidator), unless what the rendering result may be far from the one expected. [Plus]
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avr. 07
When working with VSTO, you may need to delete worksheets of your workbook.
I will show here how you can easily create an extension method to delete your worksheets, and also how to get rid of the confirmation popup for each deletion. [Plus]
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avr. 07
Between TFS (Team Foundation Server) 2005 and 2008, there has been a modification in the default parameter value for the verbosity of the build process. It was set to "normal" before and is now set to "diagnostic" by default.
We'll see here how we can change this parameter for builds using the ".rsp" file and the parameter "/fileloggerparameters". I will also recall the different verbosity levels that exist in MsBuild. [Plus]
mars 30
How can we format the values of a cell in Excel using the VSTO tools ?
We'll see here how to:
- change the font weight
- change the alignment of a cell (using the XlHAlign and XlVAlign enumerations)
- wrapping or not the text
- dealing with the width of a cell
- and also giving a format (decimal number, with or without thousand separator, date, ...) [Plus]
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