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Hello all,

this friday (2008-03-21), will be held in Thales - Tour & Taxis Building, Bruxelles - the next presentation given by myself : .NET Framework 3.5 - The main syntax evolutions.

Follow the given link to have more information about the content.

You are interested to follow it ? Please leave a comment with contact information or contact me directly !

See you there ! [Plus]
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févr. 20
Hello all,

we are quite in a rush at job right now that prevent me from blogging. Anyway, I always keep an eye on things I can learn and tonight while I was browsing in the Lutz Roeder's Reflector, I have seen something very interesting.
A few days ago, with Damien Pinauldt, I was wondering how to to detect if a type implements a given interface or not. Of course if we have an instance, this is very simple but when having only a type, I was not knowing how to do that.

I will here recall the use of the "is operator" and then show how to use the MakeGenericType method to retreieve a generic version of a type to be able to use the IsAssignableFrom method. [Plus]
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janv. 30
What is the visibility of private and protected members ? On which instance can you access them ?
When you use inheritance, does that change anything ?
Find here some recall about these visibility qualifiers. [Plus]
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janv. 21
XSL is very practical to transform XML into anything else. But as XSL is a functional language, it may be tricky to do some things. However you can extend XSL with your favorite language.
Indeed you can call C# methods from within XSL using the XsltArgumentList object and the AddExtensionObject method.
Check it here ! [Plus]
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janv. 16
We have seen in a previous post how to use an XmlDataSource and a GridView to display a formatted view of an XML document. We have seen also how we could use XSL to help in the formatting.

As you will go on and improve your formatting, you will probably want to add a common XSL file to include in several other XSL using either an
What's happening ? In fact all included / imported resources are considered as external resources, whatever their storage location. And after investigation in the code of the XmlDataSource, you can see it has not be written to be able to resolve external resources.

It's so impossible to use an XmlDataSource with an XSL using imported or included resources.

So how can we do ? Well... Just forget the XmlDataSource in that case. So how to achieve the same things in code ? Check it here ! [Plus]
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