déc. 06
Two years ago, I have started to work with the TFS and so with MsBuild and Continuous Integration. I have soon seen that I was missing some automation tasks and so I turned to SDC (.NET SDC Solution Build & Deployment Process & Tools) that was adding more or less 100 new tasks. More than enough !

Yes but in the end I was still missing some specific task and so I have started to create my owns. Here is how Jarod.Sdc.Extensions project is born ! I have decided to create a package around .NET SDC (migrated after a while to SBF - Solution Build Framework) and to create my tasks.

Here is the latest version of this library including a new task : MsTest. Redundant with the Microsoft's TestToolTask or SBF's MsTest task ?

No not really. First it allow you to work more low-level by playing directly with command lines MsTest launching, and then it allows you to "ignore Inconclusive tests".

Find more information about this library here ! [Plus]