juin 01
In some cases, you need to write unit tests that will access an HttpContext. Fortunately MsTest provides you with some functionality to achieve this.

We'll see here how we can do that, but also a best practice to have a test that will work on any computer and on the build server, without any special configuration needed. [Plus]
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mars 04
I just published a long article (in french) on www.developpez.com about continuous integration in the Microsoft.NET world. You will find here the table of content of this article :
- Quick introduction to continuous integration
- Quick presentation of the tools needed for Continuous Integration (in the Microsoft.NET world)
- Unit Test : Writing unit tests with MsTest
- Unit Test : Executing tests with MsTest
- Unit Test : Configuring tests
- Unit Test : Managing the tests
- Unit Test : Additional attributes
- Static Code Analysis : Presentation
- Static Code Analysis : Correcting the errors
- Static Code Analysis : Limitations

I will soon publish a second article that will focus that time on MsBuild and TfsBuild. You will see also a first insight on the table of content of this second article. [Plus]
nov. 23
If you, like me, are used to run your tests outside of Visual Studio directly in command line via MsTest, you may encounter some stange and unexpected behavior while migrating to Visual Studio 2008 : a message telling me that there is "No test to run".

You are also getting this message and want to know more about this ? Read this post ! [Plus]
nov. 07
When you run tests from command line, directly with the MsTest tool, you can include the reason of the failure (which is called the TestOutcome).
This value is coming from an enum TestOutcome declared in Microsoft.VisualStudio.QualityTools.Common.
Check in this post the different possible values and how you can retrieve it in the TRX file. [Plus]