janv. 23
Microsoft has launched 6 new products for web developpers. A wide set of tools from WebMatrix (complete and simple tool to develop and publish a website), to advanced libraries like ASP.NET MVC3 and NuGet. [Plus]
août 06
When you have some SQL deadlocks in your application, (typically you will receive message like this : Transaction (Process ID XX) was deadlocked on lock | communication buffer resources with another process and has been chosen as the deadlock victim. Rerun the transaction), it can be very difficult to find.
Hopefully, you can use the "SQL Profiler" to detect the source of the deadlock, asking it to generate "Deadlock Graph".

In this post, I will give some an example of a simple SQL query that can generate such a deadlock and how to detect it using the "SQL Profiler" tool and thus how to correct it. [Plus]
sept. 06
You may know one of the improvement of Sql Server 2005 was the tight integration with the .NET CLR, giving the ability of creating stored procedures in C#.
We have never used in production environment and it's time to exchange on this subject.
One of my colleague will give a training on this subject.

Check all details about this event ! [Plus]
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