avr. 18
You usually use Moles & Stubs to define mocks in your tests ?
So you may have already coped with a bothering bug in the latest version of Moles & Stubs : all your code relying on your configuration file do not work any longer. Indeed Moles & Stubs is "loosing" you config file.
This is very bothering.

Anyway, there is a simple workaround to this problem, using both the capability of Moles & Stubs, and the code weaving capabilities of an AOP framework. For the example, we are using PostSharp. [Plus]
juin 01
In some cases, you need to write unit tests that will access an HttpContext. Fortunately MsTest provides you with some functionality to achieve this.

We'll see here how we can do that, but also a best practice to have a test that will work on any computer and on the build server, without any special configuration needed. [Plus]
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sept. 30
I went to CITCON 2009 with some colleagues (among which Thierry Thoua and Paul Lorena).
It was a very interesting session, speaking about agility, testing, Selenium and much more and it gave me the opportunity to meet many interesting people like Gojko Adzic, Antony Marcano or Steeve Freeman and to discover some tools like mockito or Selenese.

You will find here my notes about the sessions I have assisted to. [Plus]
oct. 20
I'm just back from the CITCON 2008 that took place in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I went there with my agile co-speaker Norman Deschauwer and a friend Thierry Thoua.
We had many very interesting session there and you will find my notes about these sessions:
- The role of funnctional tester with Sai Patel, Eric Jimmink, Freddy Mallet, Cirilo Wortel and Paul Julius
- Data used for development and testing with Douglas Squirrel and Alexander Snaps
- Code quality and metrics facilitated by myself and Freddy Mallet
- Functional Testing, more precisely using FIT
- Who cares about Javascript facilitated by Matt Wynne

We spoke about many tools (Team City, FIT, FITnesse, Watir, Firewatir, SafariWatir, selnium, celerity, HtmlUnit, JsUnit, JQuery, YUI, ...).
You will also find some photos about the event. [Plus]
sept. 15
CITCON (Continuous Integration & Testing Conference) comes to Amsterdam in October 3rd & 4th (friday evening and saturday).
Join me there ! [Plus]