mars 22
I'm just back from the Tech Days 2009 that took place in Antwerpen, Belgium.
You will find here my notes about the sessions of the second day :
- Session 1 : The Daily Scrum (by Joel Semeniuk and Stephen Forte)
- Session 2 : ASP.NET MVC for Smart People (By Scott Galloway)
- Session 3 : Fastest to Market : RAD Web Applications with ASP.NET Dynamic Data and Entity Framework (By Ingo Rammer)
- Session 4 : ASP.NET 4.0 what is coming? How do I prepare my app? (By Scott Galloway)
- Session 5 : ASP.NET AJAX 4.0 (By Jurgen Postelmans)
- Session 6 : Azure - A lap around cloud-hosted Services (By Ingo Rammer)

Many things to remind !
Just a great day ! [Plus]
mars 15
Back from the first day of the TechDays 2009 in Antwerpen - Belgium. You will find some notes about the different sessions I have assisted to :
- Keynote (by Hans Verbeeck, Gil Cleeren, Peter Himschoot, Katrien de Graeve and Gregory Renard) speaking of Silverlight, WPF, Surface and Cloud Computing
- Session 1 : The future of C#: a first look at C# 4.0 (by Bart De Smet)
- Session 2 : Silverlight 2 CoreCLR : Bringing the power of .NET to the net (by Andrew Pardoe)
- Session 3 : Code Contracts, Pex, CHESS, 3 tools for 1 talk (by Jonathan "Peli" de Halleux)
- Session 4 : Lean Principles, Agile Techniques, and Team System (by Joel Semeniuk)
- Session 5 : .NET Services: Infrastructure building blocks in the cloud (by Christian Weyer) [Plus]
mars 14
Back from the launch day of the techdays 2009 that took place in Antwerpen, Belgium. You will find my notes about the sessions I have assisted to :
- Session 1 : Architectures: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly (by Miha Kralj)
- Session 2 : Identity & Cloud Services (by Vittorio Bertocci)
- Session 3 : Software + Services: The convergence of SaaS, SOA and Web 2.0 (by Beat Schwegler)
- Session 4 : Lap around Oslo (by Shy Cohen)
- Session 5 : How IT will change in the next decade (by Miha Kralj) [Plus]
févr. 25
I will be present (as a spectator) in the next TechDays 2009 in Antwerpen, Belgium.

I should assist to the three days from 10th to 12th and following the architect sessions and then the sessions dedicated to testing, C# 4.0 and more.

As usual, I will blog about the sessions I would have seen.

See you soon ! [Plus]
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mars 17
To conclude my Tech Days 2008 posts, I wanted to add a section with the list of question I have asked to the different speakers and their answers.
You will find my questions and answers with :
- Ingo Rammer - after the "Advanced Debugging" Session
- Nikhil Kothari - after the "Ajax Patterns" Session
- Jelle Druyts - after the "Domain-Specific Developments with Visual Studio DSL Tools" Session
- Roy Osherove - after the "Deep Reflection" Session [Plus]