mars 18
It was possible under Visual Source Safe, but not under TFS 2005.

It has been added in TFS 2008. How to use it ?

tf destroy itemspec
tf destroy $/MyTeamproject/MyItemToDestroy [Plus]
mars 06
Today, I wanted to create a new Performance Session in Visual Studio to trace an detect some slowly parts in my web application application.

So it easy, I use the wizard to select my website and the different DLLs I want to instrument, I launch everything and what do I get ?

Launch Error: The web site could not be configured correctly; getting ASP.NET process information failed. Requesting 'http://localhost:48185/MyAspApp/VSEnterpriseHelper.axd' returned an error: The information returned is invalid.
PRF0017: Can't launch server for 'C:\.....\Project'.

Why this error occurs ? How to correct it ? That's what we'll see here ! [Plus]
févr. 22
In the project I currently work in, I see a few confusion between the use of UniqueID and ClientID we can do server-side or client-side. So it's time to recall the differences between the two:
- what is the client id ? what is the unique id ?
- to what they correspond in HTML ?
- in which do we encounter a "_" or a "$" [Plus]
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févr. 21
Damien Pinauldt has found a nice tip a few days ago. This is just a configuration tip but can be usefull when dealing with big projects.

By default, when hitting "F5" in Visual Studio, it will build the entire solution before launching the startup project (meaning it may build non necessary projects that may slow down the launching time). How to correct this ? Just ask VS to build only what it needs !

- Go to Tools / Options
- Go to Projects and Solutions
- Go to Build and Run
- Check "Only build startup project and dependencies on Run"

And here it is ! [Plus]
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févr. 20
Hello all,

we are quite in a rush at job right now that prevent me from blogging. Anyway, I always keep an eye on things I can learn and tonight while I was browsing in the Lutz Roeder's Reflector, I have seen something very interesting.
A few days ago, with Damien Pinauldt, I was wondering how to to detect if a type implements a given interface or not. Of course if we have an instance, this is very simple but when having only a type, I was not knowing how to do that.

I will here recall the use of the "is operator" and then show how to use the MakeGenericType method to retreieve a generic version of a type to be able to use the IsAssignableFrom method. [Plus]
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