sept. 23
This week, on Tuesday 21th, I was in Mons in the Microsoft Innovation Center to give a presentation about the Visual Studio 2010 Testing Tools.
Check here to find the slides of the session ! [Plus]
avr. 07
Between TFS (Team Foundation Server) 2005 and 2008, there has been a modification in the default parameter value for the verbosity of the build process. It was set to "normal" before and is now set to "diagnostic" by default.
We'll see here how we can change this parameter for builds using the ".rsp" file and the parameter "/fileloggerparameters". I will also recall the different verbosity levels that exist in MsBuild. [Plus]
mars 10
Few days ago, I was needing to be able to retrieve some informations about the builds we had launched. I was so needing to work with the TFS API.
We'll see in this post how to use this API to retreive :
- the list of builds
- the list of platform and flavor that were configured for this build
- the test results for a given platform / flavor
The code shown will use the TFS 2005 API. [Plus]
mars 06
Today, I wanted to create a new Performance Session in Visual Studio to trace an detect some slowly parts in my web application application.

So it easy, I use the wizard to select my website and the different DLLs I want to instrument, I launch everything and what do I get ?

Launch Error: The web site could not be configured correctly; getting ASP.NET process information failed. Requesting 'http://localhost:48185/MyAspApp/VSEnterpriseHelper.axd' returned an error: The information returned is invalid.
PRF0017: Can't launch server for 'C:\.....\Project'.

Why this error occurs ? How to correct it ? That's what we'll see here ! [Plus]
févr. 21
Damien Pinauldt has found a nice tip a few days ago. This is just a configuration tip but can be usefull when dealing with big projects.

By default, when hitting "F5" in Visual Studio, it will build the entire solution before launching the startup project (meaning it may build non necessary projects that may slow down the launching time). How to correct this ? Just ask VS to build only what it needs !

- Go to Tools / Options
- Go to Projects and Solutions
- Go to Build and Run
- Check "Only build startup project and dependencies on Run"

And here it is ! [Plus]
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