nov. 23
If you, like me, are used to run your tests outside of Visual Studio directly in command line via MsTest, you may encounter some stange and unexpected behavior while migrating to Visual Studio 2008 : a message telling me that there is "No test to run".

You are also getting this message and want to know more about this ? Read this post ! [Plus]
oct. 23
You all know that VS 2005 has added some code snippets to ease typing some of the most standard code (like properties, constructors, ...). You also know that you can create your own snippets and using some predefined functions. I have been looking for pretty long time to see what is the list of available functions and today I have found it at last in the MSDN :

And I must admit I'm a bit disappointed, I was hoping there would be more available ! This list is valid for VS.NET 2005 and also for VS.NET 2008. [Plus]