juil. 03
Recently, I was playing with WatiN to do some integration and web testing, and I have "discovered" the concept of session merging in the browsers.

Of course, that's an important feature allowing to deal correctly with popups dfor instance. But when you do some web testing and that you would like to launch several browser logged in with different users to check simultaneous actions or things like that, this feature can be very very annoying.

Internet Explorer 8 has added a new feature that allow you to surf in a new session, meaning you just deactivate explicitely the session merging. You can do that via the interface of in command line (IExplore.exe about:blank -nomerge)

What I will show here is how we can benefit from that feature in COM using the WatiN API. [Plus]
mai 27
I have bought recently a new laptop, a DELL Inspiron 1720. Quite a nice laptop in fact. The only thing is that I bought with it Windows Vista Professional and that I was not completely ready for the change. Anyway, note that DELL will stop its support of Windows XP very soon, in June I think. Anyway, the point is that I wanted to re-install Windows XP on it. No problem ! Let's go for it !

I will show in this post how we can do that when your computer has SATA Hard Drive that is not recongnized by the default Windows XP installation CD. I will show how to use NLite to include both additional drivers in the installation CD (AHCI driver to recognize SATA drives) and also additional service pack.

I will also explain how to reinstall DELL Media Direct. [Plus]