oct. 22
I'm just back from the CITCON in Brussels, my first experience in CITCON.
Find here some comments about the session I have assisted to during this event ! [Plus]
sept. 18
My team and I are working for two years on a big XP project now. For lots of them this project was the first experience about XP.
One of the value of XP is "simplicity" but this is a very difficult value to understand in our team.
More precisely when we have to speak of coding : what is "simple" and what is "simplistic" ?
I will here speak a bit about this difference, and of "simple solution" versus "simple code". [Plus]
sept. 09
CITCON (Continuous Integration & Testing Conference) comes to Brussels in October 19th & 20th (friday evening and saturday).

Interested in 1-day of great conference about CI and testing ? Join me there !

Be careful, it's limited to the first 100 subscribee so hurry up.

Need more information about CITCON ? Visit their website dedicated to Brussels ! [Plus]
août 23
A few days ago, we have made an XP meeting in the company to let all people in the team (developper, analyst, tester, ...) express their feeling, what was working good or less good, what we should impoove, ...
And one developper has said that. For him, in XP, "each developper must have its own bottle of water".
I will try here to reformulate (and translate) what he has said. [Plus]