août 02
I just left a month to go to Perú. After this very nice trip, it took me some time to get back in my life and in my work. But here I am now, ready to continue ! Meaning also that I will soon blog other news. But for now, let's share some pics about my trip ! [Plus]
juin 16
Just a small post to say goodbye as I'm leaving for one month of holidays in the far Peru for a trip between Lima and Cusco.

It will be very nice and relaxing ! See you soon ! [Plus]
juin 16
A bug exist in the method CompilerType.Equals that may produce a NullReferenceException in some cases. You will find some more explanations about this bug. [Plus]
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juin 02
Recently, one of my colleague wanted to call an auto-implemented property setter in a class' constructor.
I do not think this is a good idea as we don't know how the class may evolve in the future.
In this post, I will show some of possible evolutions that make me think that we should not use auto-implemented properties in a class' constructor, but rather use a classical property and thus the member variable. [Plus]
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mai 27
I have bought recently a new laptop, a DELL Inspiron 1720. Quite a nice laptop in fact. The only thing is that I bought with it Windows Vista Professional and that I was not completely ready for the change. Anyway, note that DELL will stop its support of Windows XP very soon, in June I think. Anyway, the point is that I wanted to re-install Windows XP on it. No problem ! Let's go for it !

I will show in this post how we can do that when your computer has SATA Hard Drive that is not recongnized by the default Windows XP installation CD. I will show how to use NLite to include both additional drivers in the installation CD (AHCI driver to recognize SATA drives) and also additional service pack.

I will also explain how to reinstall DELL Media Direct. [Plus]