avr. 16
Recently, I was needed to order all the pictures that where taken during an event, but by different photographers. In Windows Explorer you can simply add a column "Date Taken" but how can we do the same by code ? [Plus]
janv. 23
Microsoft has launched 6 new products for web developpers. A wide set of tools from WebMatrix (complete and simple tool to develop and publish a website), to advanced libraries like ASP.NET MVC3 and NuGet. [Plus]
sept. 23
This week, on Tuesday 21th, I was in Mons in the Microsoft Innovation Center to give a presentation about the Visual Studio 2010 Testing Tools.
Check here to find the slides of the session ! [Plus]
oct. 20
"Recently", thanks to Didier Danse, I discovered PostSharp by Gael Fraiteur : an AOP framework for .NET.
Until that I was doing some AOP emulation using ContextBoundObject, based on what I had read in the book "Applied .NET Attributes" by Jason Bock.

I will not explain here how to use PostSharp - I will do that in further posts - but more explain my love story with PostSharp. Why I started to use it in a testing context to simplify my tests and have clearer (and shorter) ones. [Plus]
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juin 05
I just published a second article on www.developpez.com about "Continous Integration in the Microsoft.NET World".
Here I will present this article and the full summay of these two articles.
Some of the key part of this article are about :
- Writing a basic project file using MsBuild
- How to use Properties and PropertyGroup
- How to use Items and ItemGroup
- How to execute a project file in command line
- How to use the .NET 3.5 tasks
- How to control targets
- Refactoring the project file
- Creating custom tasks
- Some information about TFS (Team Foundation Server)

Just two must-read tutorials about MsTest, Static Code Analysis, MsBuild and TfsBuild. [Plus]