avr. 20
Recently, I was needing to publish the powerpoints coming from various speakers on my server. When I have seen the size of some powerpoints (more than 20Mo) I thought it would not be a very nice user experience if my end-users were needing to download documents of such a size.

Do you want a way to analyse your document and pointing out which media is responsible of your document size ? This tool is for you ! [Plus]
janv. 27
I just found (what I think to be) a bug in Powerpoint 2007 when working with actions and switches "/". Check here for some details ! [Plus]
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oct. 22
I was just surfing around Internet, reading a blog I have just discovered when I have found this post (in french) : http://blogs.msdn.com/nay/archive/2007/10/10/quand-excel-perd-la-boule.aspx

Excel has some calculation problems (or display ?) when dealing with the number 65 535.

Interesting to know no ? ( and to download the associated patch ) [Plus]