avr. 26
The Belgian Agile & .NET usergroup DotNetHub (http://www.dotnethub.be) is planning soon a free conference about NodeJS and Windows Azure.

This conference will be given by Rob Ashton (one of the contributor to RavenDB) on June 05th and will be held in the Microsoft premises in Zaventem, Belgium.

The conference is free. You want more information ? You want to register ? Just have a look on http://www.dotnethub.be/events/29/nodejs-and-azure-what-you-need-to-know.aspx [Plus]
juin 07
Le 16 Juin 2010, l'association DotNetHub organise à Charleroi "La Journée Agile - Wallonie 2010".
Pour la première fois en Belgique, une journée de conférences en français est organisée sur le thème des méthodologies Agiles. [Plus]
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déc. 23
I just assisted to the last VISUG session giben by Kurt Claeys about entites in WCF, meaning how we can use together WCF and Entity Framework in a SOA world.
Above the classical things about WCF (separation about Address, Binding and Contract, ...) Kurt also presented some frameworks like EFContrib (a framework using PostSharp), Entity BAG (aka Perseus) and EF Poco Adapter.
He also gave some hints about vNext, the next version of ADO.NET / Entity Framework. [Plus]
mars 17
Just back from the TechDays 2008 in Antwerpen, Belgium. Here are my notes about the sessions I have seen meaning :
- Session 1 : ASP.NET MVC Framework (By Matt Gibbs)
- Session 2 : Domain-Specific Development with Visual Studio DSL Tools (By Jelle Druyts)
- Inspiration Session 2 : Fun In .NET (By Chad Hower - website : Woo-Hoo)
- Session 3 : Custom LINQ Providers - LINQ to anything (By Bart De Smet)
- Session 4 : .NET 3.5 : Winforms & WPF (By Chad Hower - website : Woo-Hoo)
- Session 5 : Deep Reflection (By Roy Osherove) [Plus]
mars 15
Just back from the first day of the TechDays 2008 in Antwerpen, Belgium. Here are my notes about the sessions I have seen meaning :
- Opening Keynote (By Rafal Lukawiecki)
- Session 1 : WCF & WF - Integrating two key technologies of .NET 3.5 (By Ingo Rammer)
- Inspiration Session 1 : ASP.NET Futures (By Matt Gibbs)
- Session 2 : Building Applications with Silverlight 2.0 (By Nikhil Kothari)
- Session 3 : Advanced debugging using Visual Studio (By Ingo Rammer)
- Session 4 : Sql Server 2008 - What's new for Developpers (By Dandy Wein)
- Session 5 : Ajax Patterns (By Nikhil Kothari) [Plus]