mars 26
When creating some Excel files using the VSTO, you may need to generate charts.
We'll see here how to do it the "simple way" using the SetSourceData method, but also how to have lot more control about the chart creation, dealing directly with the SeriesCollection and creating some series on the fly.
We'll also see how to associate each serie with a specific axis, and how to customize a bit each axis. [Plus]
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mars 24
Since a few days, I'm working in Visual Studio 2008 and VSTO to update an Excel application.

As I have a mighty hard time to understand everything and find some information in the very lacunar documentation, I have decided to so a serie of post, related to what I learn and discover in this domain.

I will explain
- how to access your different sheets
- how to select a range (composed of a single cell or of multiple cell)
- how to set values (single value or a formula) in a cell
- how to write relative formulas [Plus]
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