oct. 21

Once again, agile methodologies is doing his tour in 2009. And once again you can find lots of dates all over the world, mainly in France. And this year it again stops in Lille the 30th of October and it's free !. For more info, check the website to have all the details !
I was very busy last year and so I missed it but this year it was not possible for me not to go there.

You want to speak about testing, agile methodologies, continuous integration, .... Join us there ! With my agile speaker partner Norman Deschauwer, we'll give two sessions:

Return of Experience : Is XP applicable only on small projects ?

We often have the image of XP in small projects. And if we look to some figures (15 guys for 8000 men days), our project is directly in the metrics of traditional projects and seem to present a work volume overwhelming the bareers of agile project.
Nevertheless, we have made it a real XP project, with from time to time some adaptations to the method.

We would like here to show that a critical project (in the financial domain), even when lasting more that 5 years, can be done in XP. And maybe is this the solution to follow ?

During the session, we will speak about the different valus and practices of XP to show how we have put them in practice while showing the different problems we met and how we solved them.

Open Discussion : What to test in an application ?

What shall we test in an application ? What shall we not test ?
Which kind of test shall we do ? GUI oriented tests ? Unit tests ? Data oriented tests ? Exploratory tests ? Random tests ?
Shall we use mocks ? Shall we test the database ?
Do the test really allow me to check the application ? Or to design it ? To document it ?

Writing tests is very simple, but quickly brings lots of question. We want to have an Open Space Discussion with all of you to share experiences and try to answer to some of these questions.

Interested in any other subject ?

An open space is planned at the end of the day for a few hours. With Norman, we'll stay a while during this open space so feel free to contact us, we would be very happy to discuss of any subject around agile, XP, Scrum, testing, continuous integration, ...

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