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While I was working on a training presentation in Powerpoint 2007, I have discovered a very strange and frustrating problem.

How to reproduce ?

  1. Create a simple prensentation
  2. On the first slide add an object and Insert an action
  3. Choose "Execute the program" and add a simple command line with switches like for example "cmd /K dir /P"
  4. Save the presentation and close it
  5. Open it again
  6. Select your object, and choose again "Insert action" to view the action you have added
  7. You should see "cmd \K dir \P"

All the "/" are transformed in "\"

I am now searching for a fix or patch, or an explanation to this problem (maybe I should escape the "/" but how ?)

If you have any ideas or clues, leave a comment !

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Posted on dimanche, 18 décembre 2016 11:32

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Posted on jeudi, 22 décembre 2016 17:05

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