mars 17

With one of my colleague - Norman Deschauwer - I will be present for the first edition of the French Speaking Swiss Xp Days.

We will give two conferences there (in French) :

  • Tools presentation
    • How can we make work together tools coming from traditional methodologies and the ones coming from XP and Agile communities ?
    • Our Agenda will follow our maturity in the methodology
      • The Genesis of the method in our project : learning and discoveries
      • Coaching : getting more agile
      • Internal Crisis : how we were wrong in the use of the method tools
      • Maturity !
  • Information Session : XP with an industrial level
    • We have been working in XP for 4 years in a project presenting a few characteristics of a traditional projet (duration, number of people involved). Anyway we are doing it fully in XP, but this force us to adapt ourselves and doing some compromises on our implementation of the methodology
    • Our Agenda will browse among the 13 practices of XP and how we have implemented them in our project

After the session, Norman and I will blog about this event and we'll probably propose downloading the slides of the sessions.

Interested ? Meet us there !

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