août 26

It's quite a while I'm unsatisfied with my website:

  • not enough place for posts
  • not correctly displayed on some widely used browsers
  • some pages not displayed correctly (archive for example)
  • some pages being displayed in a static way

Well many reasons that motivate me to take some time to redesign it. Even if it was implying to stop my other works in progress for a while. And here it is !

Basically if the colour theme remain unchanged, this new look shall answer to all the previous criticism and thus give a more pleasant reading to you. Do you have any comment or criticism, feel free to comment on that, and I will see how I can answer to your demands !

Happy reading !


Thierry Thoua

Posted on mardi, 26 août 2008 17:22

Very nice Wink


Posted on mercredi, 27 août 2008 22:27

Thanks ! And I have also corrected the small details you told me

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