août 13

Hello All,

 It's quite a long time now that I want to be more active in the .NET community. I have started to take an important part in training and knowledge transfer inside of my company but this was not enough as I wanted to be more visible.

I have met Loïc Bar a few weeks ago ( and we have started to exchange more about what we were knowing or wanted to know. I think it was just the good time for me to take a turn. I have almost 6 years of experience in .NET - I have started from the very beginning - and now sharing my work time between being a .NET senior developper and being an architect. I am also doing some job interviews when we are searching for new .NET guys in my company, meeting interesting guys. Or less interesting ones by the way, some people for which I have the feeling that they have spent the last 2 or 3 years immobile and slugging, not learning a lot of things.

In my developper life (beginning of life) I have been lucky enough to be always on the major projects, the most interesting ones. Now I'm working for a belgian administration, on a big eXtreme Programming project that make me learn more than ever. 

All this have decided me to share more and more and decided me to start blogging a bit, and writing public articles to share not only with my direct colleagues, but with the community in its whole. I will try to speak and share in this blog about the .NET framework of course, Winforms or ASP.NET, trying to go deep on some subjects and sharing the experience we got in XP and TDD.

I'm waiting impatiently to your comments to guide my work and posts.

See you soon via the feeds !



Bar Loïc

Posted on mardi, 14 août 2007 23:19

Welcome in .NET community. Good luck for your blog Smile. I feel that I'll enjoye to read you.

See you!

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