sept. 23

This week, on Tuesday 21th, I was in Mons in the Microsoft Innovation Center to give a presentation about the Visual Studio 2010 Testing Tools.

As I told during the session, 3 hours to present the testing tools of Visual Studio is quite short and I add to bypass some demo. But anyway, you will find "the full version" of it on the session slide, including some additional comments on some slides. You can download them here : VS 2010 Testing Tools - vFinal - Published.pptx (2,78 mb).

I also had an interesting question at the end of the session : which tool is available on which version of Visual Studio ? As it may help you to know which product version you will want to buy, here is a map of the different tools I presented.

ToolVS ProVS PremiumVS Ultimate
Unit Tests  √  √  √
Coded UI Test (Web / Winforms / WPF)    √  √
WebTest      √
LoadTest      √
Code Coverage    √  √
Test Impact    √  √
Automated Build

 √ (with TFS)

 √ (with TFS)  √ (with TFS)
IntelliTrace      √
Test Manager      √

If you want to know more about the differences about these versions, you can go to that will describe all the features and differences between the different tools.

And if the conference did not answer to some question you were having about the tests, do not hesitate to contact me, or let's continue the discussion here !


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